Shoes Like New!

Received this product today to repaint the soles of my N.M.D’s. If you own any pair with the white foam soles you will know how impossible it is to keep clean and stop them from turning that ugly brown color. Found this product and I am surprised on how well it worked. As long as you have a steady hand and take your time. Your soles will look brand new in no time.


Nice tool!

I would definitely recommend this product and especially for boost soles. It is basically a paint designed for shoes - it whitens up the sole perfectly yet without the pungent odor which paint typically has. It also is super easy to apply and dries super fast. My ultra boost became a like new pair of sneakers after I painted the sole!

JC Hopkins

Worked out great for me!

I used this on my white sole for Yeez ys sneaker and was able to get it white again. It was difficult initially trying to figure out how to squeeze the white paint out of the tip but eventually I got it. It's a very good product.


Pleased with the results!

This is such a cool product. All the other things I’ve been looking for has been more expensive than this, and it works so well. The only thing I would say is the labels are in some Asian language I’m not sure what it is, but at least the product works well

Eric G.

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