Like NEW shoes?

Restore your shoes specially for those Limited Editions! Restore & UN-YELLOW the Whiteness in shoes, Reborn your sneakers today. Condition your sneakers keeping them looking sharp n clean. 

Save Shoes Longer. Reduce Landfill. Save the Earth.


It is estimated that approximately 300,000,000 pairs of shoes are thrown away each year. Some rubber materials may take about 50-80 years to decompose. Renew your shoes by wearing them longer. Help reduce waste & protect the planet! 

Repair cracks n holes.


Restore favourite kicks looking like new! 3-5 minutes application! Restore scratch marks, cracks & spot holes! Does *not crack on bending* the elastic formula further protects the shoes from scratches! 

  • Gentle & quick whitening 
  • Elastic & stretchable paint formula
  • ​Easy and effortless application
  • ​Detailing ability
  • ​Effective long lasting protection
  • ​Non-cracking 
  • ​Non-corrosive and non-harmful

Suitable for Restoration for the following items:

* Sheo heros is suitable for sneakers and soles of synthetic & composite rubbers and leathers. Shoe Fabrics & leathers

Ingredients: Mixture of water, resin and emulsifier and white titanium dioxide, acrylate copolymer.

Contents: Premium Whitening Fluid 8ml

Shelf Life: 3 Years

30 Days Money Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!
If you decide to return our items within 30 days, we will refund you 100% of the money.
(*Please see RETURN POLICY in footer for conditions which apply)

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