Worn & Yellowed Sneakers?

Can’t help noticing worn out and yellowed sneakers? 

Whiten , Un-Yellow & Renew + Restore them old sneakers!

Our specially designed shoe whitener will not damage or bleach your shoes!

Boost & renew shoes and sneakers with this tool. For both old and new shoes, condition new & combat yellowing / aging on your sneakers & add lots of *bonus mileage* for a small fraction of all your shoes!
Shoe Heros is a special formulated paint brush too which sets itself apart from oil markers & general paints. This tool is *designed and engineered* to resemble premium sneaker and sports shoes materials made by sneaker manufacturers.

Our elastic & stretchable formula is engineered to match and mesh with your precious shoe materials where off the counter bleaches and markers may cause damage to your sports shoes. Our tool can help you quickly: | Upgrade | Restore | Whiten & Renew your shoes |

GET THIS NOW to combat yellowing and re-new favorite shoes today!

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